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What are the benefits of swimming holding your breath

par GuoxinWei sur July 02, 2021

  Holding your breath can exercise lung capacity, increase the activity of oxygen in the human body, and is good for blood circulation. For people who want to lose weight or fitness, because holding your breath can excite your brain and stimulate muscle contraction, long-term swimming holding your breath can develop good muscle lines. But try to keep quiet when practicing holding your breath, and take deep breaths in advance.

  The benefits of swimming and holding your breath

  Swimming is a very physical exercise, which can strengthen the coordination of the body’s limbs and enhance the coordination of the various organs of the body. Holding your breath while swimming can exercise your lung capacity, increase the compression of the lungs, and increase the oxygen activity in the human body, which is good for blood circulation.

  In the process of holding breath, all oxygen is concentrated in the brain. At this time, the nerves of the human body are in a state of excitement. Therefore, it can provide neuronal excitement for the spinal cord, which can strengthen the contraction ability of muscles and other parts, which is suitable for weight loss and fitness shaping people , Can also maintain smooth muscle lines.

  Before you practice holding your breath, take a few more deep breaths to expel all the gas you have inhaled in your lungs out of your body so that you can breathe fresh oxygen. Try to keep your breath as quiet as possible. Excessive movements will accelerate the consumption of oxygen in the body, and after a long period of time, the body's muscles will become fatigued.