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What are the effects of high leg raises

par GuoxinWei sur July 05, 2021

  In fitness exercises, high leg lift is a simple and well-known exercise, and if a person insists on training high leg lift, there are many benefits to the person, and high leg lift has very low requirements on the venue, as long as there is a suitable place Do high leg raises at any time. So, what are the effects of high leg raises? Let's take a look at the role of high leg raises together!

  The effect of high leg lift

  1. Help train leg strength

  In the process of high-leg raise exercises, it has a good effect on our ankle joints, knee joints and other lower limb joints and other muscle groups, because in the process of exercises, muscle groups such as the legs, waist and abdomen need to be used to help improve The strength of the lower limbs can also help exercise flexibility, which has a very good effect on our lower body.

  2. Promote blood circulation

  There are many benefits of raising the legs. We know that in the process of raising the legs, blood will flow back to other parts of the body to help promote blood circulation, strengthen the functions of the liver and kidneys, and detoxify the body. , Detoxification and other effects are significant, so the benefits of raising the legs are obviously very many.

  3. Relieve symptoms of constipation

  In the process of raising the legs, the stomach and intestine will naturally increase the peristalsis, so the intestinal peristalsis will be greatly accelerated. For friends who have more obvious constipation recently, it can have a good effect on treating constipation, and it can also help regulate Bladder function is also very helpful for improving the physiological functions of men and women.

  4. Relieve pressure

  In the process of high-leg raise training, if you use Dantian for training, it can promote the smooth discharge of the "turbid qi" in the lungs, and can help vent the depression between the heart and chest. If the psychological pressure is great recently, it is good to do more high-leg raise training. .

  standard exercise

  The high leg lift is actually not difficult, it mainly requires us to be able to do it well. First of all, we need to stand upright with our legs close together, chest and abdomen, the action begins, we start to lift our legs, lift the legs to our waist position, and can be parallel to the ground, the two legs appear 90 degrees, even in fast-paced During exercise, we must also ensure that our legs move in place. Put your hands on both sides of our waist and swing our arms according to the movements of our legs.