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What are the physical endurance training methods

par GuoxinWei sur June 03, 2021

  There are many training methods for how a person trains physical endurance. When doing physical endurance training, we must understand some of the issues of physical endurance training, such as training methods, because this allows us to better train physical endurance. What are the physical endurance training methods? If you don’t know, you can come to understand.

  1. Long distance running

  Long-distance running is a relatively common physical endurance training method, because it not only tests a person's physical fitness, but also particularly tests willpower. For girls, if they want to improve their endurance, taking the 400-meter track as an example, they need to run ten to fifteen laps each time. Because boys and girls have different physiological structures, for boys, the intensity will be a little bit higher, running at least 20 laps each time. In addition, if you want to increase your endurance, you are not a cat without a time limit. It takes up to two minutes and twenty seconds to run each lap.

  2. Load-bearing cross-country

  If you are more comfortable with long-distance running, it means that your endurance has been exercised and improved, and you can try to enter the next plan, that is, weight-bearing cross country. When carrying out weight-bearing cross-country, we need to choose a weight backpack that matches our actual situation. Girls should not exceed 20 catties at most, and boys should not be less than 30 catties. In addition, general venues cannot meet the standards for heavy-duty cross-country. It is best to go to areas above two kilometers above sea level and choose ridges or trails. It takes a whole day or extends to two days.

  3. Yasuo 800 training method

  I believe that many people are unfamiliar with the Yasuo 800 training method. Simply put, it is to run intermittently at a certain speed in a professional sports field with a length of 800 meters. You can do it once a week before starting to use this method for novices who just run five sets at a time. After adapting, you can appropriately add one set a week.