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What are the ways to grow muscles quickly

par GuoxinWei sur June 22, 2021

  It’s okay to gain muscle quickly, but you need to know the correct way. So what are the ways to grow muscle quickly? What do you eat have a good effect on muscle growth? I believe many people want to know, so let's take a look together, I hope it will help you build muscle!

  How to grow muscles quickly

  1. Pay attention to the diet structure. Muscle growth is based on fat consumption, so when exercising muscles, you should also pay attention to energy supplements.

  2. Do more anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is the fastest way to exercise muscles, most of which are exercises with high load intensity and strong instantaneousness, which can easily eliminate nutrients in the body and turn it into muscles.

  3. Doing sit-ups can effectively train the abdominal muscles. Get up faster when doing it, and slow down when you go down. Start to inhale when you lie back on your back and exhale quickly when you lift up.

  4. Do push-ups. Can increase the muscles of the arms, waist and pectoral muscles. You can do it a few times quickly, and then do it a few times slowly, in a cycle.

  5. Persevere. Muscle exercise is not a matter of two or three days. You must always persist. If you give up halfway, the muscles you have trained may disappear after a period of time. There are many ways to exercise muscles. The ultimate goal of exercise is persistence and endurance. Only with sufficient persistence can the body's potential be used to achieve the desired effect. It is best to consult a professional fitness staff, let him propose a fitness plan according to his own situation, and stick to it by himself.

  What to eat for long muscles

  What do you eat to grow muscles? Of course, nuts are the first choice. Nuts with a wide variety of nuts are rich in protein, which is good for muscle growth. For example, 1 cup of almonds (approximately 227 grams) contains 30 grams of protein and 71 grams of "good fat."

  tempeh and tofu. These two kinds of vegetarian food are good for muscle growth and are excellent substitutes for meat foods. And the tempeh has been fermented, so it is easier to digest and absorb. 1 cup of tempeh (about 185 grams) contains 30.78 grams of protein.

  Quinoa. Quinoa looks like rice, but when cooked it resembles other grains. One cup of raw quinoa (about 185 grams) contains 24 grams of protein and 9 important amino acids that the human body cannot produce.

  Seed food. Seed foods such as flax seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are rich in protein and "good fats."

  Muscle function and role

  Healthy and strong muscles can also stabilize many joints of the body and determine overall strength. In addition, muscles also produce heat.

  The skeletal muscles continuously support the body and help maintain postures such as sitting or standing. The muscles also support, stabilize and strengthen the joints that hold the bones in a proper posture, especially the shoulders and hip joints. These skeletal muscles are also important for determining overall strength and the ability to engage in various physical activities. In short, keeping muscles strong contributes to health and well-being.

  Muscle function in the human body is also important for maintaining proper body temperature. They also generate heat in other processes. When muscles consume nutrients to provide power for activity, some of the energy generates calories. It is estimated that about 75% of the energy produced is released as heat. Considering that skeletal muscles account for most of the body weight, the heat generated is significant and plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body temperature.