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What is a good electric shaker?

par GuoxinWei sur July 19, 2021

  Robustness: The purpose of buying an electric shaker bottle first is to carry it with you. This means it must be able to handle the gym bag being thrown in and out of you. It must be able to withstand the multiple impacts you inevitably fall, kick or even drop heavy objects on. Picking up a cheap plastic bottle will ensure that it will break and your bag will always smell like vanilla protein powder.

  Tightly sealed: We can assure you that you do not want these liquids to mix with your sportswear, whether you use the electric paint shaker machine only for water, smoothies or electric shaker cups. Or your laptop. Or the lunch in your bag. You also don’t want to share your pre-exercise formula with your shirt the first time you sip water.

  Mixing system: If all you can do is to mix protein powder with an electric paint shaker, then you only have one water bottle. Your shaker should have a mixing ball or other mixing device to ensure that you don't end up with a clumpy, viscous, and powdery protein shake.

  It does not contain Bisphenol A: Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical substance that exists in many food packaging and household plastic products, interferes with hormones in the body, and is related to cancer and diabetes. We will continue to assume that you have an electric bottle shaker because you want to stay healthy. that's all.

  Easy to carry: Many plastic bottles are round and easy to slip. You will want an electric blender bottle with a handle. There is also an electric mixer bottle with a handle, which can be hung on your work bag or gym bag for easy access when you travel.