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What is the effect of practicing prone

par GuoxinWei sur June 07, 2021

  If we practice prone posture for a long time, it can bring us a lot of effects, but whether it is prone posture or other exercises, there are some particulars, so before we practice prone posture, we need to know some of the particulars of prone posture, such as what's the effect. What is the effect of practicing prone upright?

  What's the effect of lying prone and standing up?

  1. Build muscles

  Prone push up will definitely exercise muscles, although its strength may not be very large, but it has a certain stimulating effect on the back muscles, shoulder muscles, and waist muscles. Although it cannot make the muscles stronger, It can increase their flexibility and tolerance, which is conducive to further high-intensity training, and this action is also very simple to do. You don’t need to go to the gym and do it yourself at home. If you have time, it is especially beneficial to do more. of.

  2. Spine health care

  There is another advantage of lying prone, that is, it has a certain health effect on the spine. Of course, if there is a problem with the spine, it is best not to do prone pushups, because it has a certain stretching effect on the spine. If done regularly, it will help improve blood circulation throughout the body and relieve back pain. Just be careful not to Move too fast to avoid muscle strain. If you want to recover your body, you can do a prone push up, but don't do too much at once. If you feel unwell, it's best to stop immediately.

  3. Improve body shape

  Prone push up can also improve the body. Although this is a long-term process, it is not very good to do it occasionally. However, if it is done for a long time, it will improve the small body problems such as hunchback and round shoulders. The good effect also helps to stretch the shoulder ligaments, making the whole person look more energetic and upright, and the temperament will become better without knowing it.

  how to do prone

  Lie flat on the bench, so that our legs can be fixed on the bench. At this time, our waist and abdomen are above the position to force our body to move upwards and keep our upper body standing upward and off the ground. status. After insisting on this action for 5 seconds, we relax the body again and start the action again. Complete 3 sets at a time, each with 20~30.

  Prone face and stand up how much fits every time

  When doing this action, we can last for about 1 minute for each set of actions, and complete 3~5 sets each time. Because the degree of difficulty of this exercise is not very large, it is not very difficult in the process of persistence, so we can choose to persist for 1 minute each time, so that the effect of exercise is better. In addition, if you only do one set, the exercise effect is very limited, so we can do multiple sets at a time.