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What is the function of protein mixer bottle?

par GuoxinWei sur January 25, 2022


01. The blender shaker can shake the milkshake.

I like to make banana and strawberry milkshakes. Sun-dried strawberries, cut into small pieces, and put in a shaker cup. Crush the banana and put it in a shaking glass. Shake the lid up and down with your hands until the bananas and strawberries burst. Pour in the remaining milk, shake well, season with sugar or honey, and the smoothie is ready. You can also shake soft fruits like tomatoes and kiwis.

02. Portable Electric Protein Shaker

Put water, fungus or mushrooms in a shaker cup and shake up and down until serving.

03. The best mixing bottle for egg whites

To make your own cake, shake the egg whites in a shaking glass until white and bubbly.

04. An electric shaker can help freeze chicken.

Break two eggs into a glass, pour one-third of the cold water, put some shrimp skins, put some carrots (you can scrape with a razor box), put some salt, cover the glass, Shake well, then pour into a crystal soup bowl in the microwave for a minute. This is a very tasty custard.

This is great for mixing protein drinks and doesn't create those little protein balls like when you whip it. The cute protein shaker is also great for amino acid energy, since electric shakers are hydrophobic and don't like mixing with water. Protein shake flasks mix well. I wish they made a glass version with a small metal blade so the electric mixer could be used for things like coffee.