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What should be paid attention to in the preparation process before fitness

par GuoxinWei sur June 22, 2021

  During the fitness preparation process, care should be taken not to use too much force. Too much force can easily lead to muscle strain and affect training. The fitness preparation process can't last too long, too long preparation will consume too much energy, and the follow-up will not be able to fully exert the effect of fitness. Do not rest immediately after the warm-up activity to avoid heavy physical load.

  1. Do not use too much force

  When preparing for fitness, you need to pay attention not to use too much force, so as not to cause muscle strain and affect the subsequent training. Be careful not to do big warm-up activities, such as fast running or squatting, which can easily lead to excessive force, strain or fatigue.

  2. Don’t take too long

  The warm-up time cannot last too long, and too long a warm-up time will consume more energy, resulting in failure to fully exert the explosive power and endurance of the body in subsequent fitness activities, which may affect the effect of fitness exercise.

  3. Need to rest after warming up

  After the fitness preparation activities, you need to take a proper rest. Do not enter the state of fitness exercise immediately. Direct exercise will easily cause a large body load and fail to enter the best state. It is better for young people to rest for about 15 minutes, and for middle-aged and elderly people to rest more than half an hour.