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Do not buy a protein shaker bottle without these features

di GuoxinWei sopra May 18, 2021


  Over time, the solids inside the container will float to the bottom Voltrx shaker bottles solve this problem because they are electrically stirred and help to evenly mix the liquid inside.

  Now that we know what shaker bottles are for, let's take a closer look at what you need to consider before buying a shaker cup.

  Is it working properly?

  Obviously, the most important thing to look for when buying a shaker is whether it is working properly. By that we mean, does it meet the goals of a protein shaker cup?

  The ability to mix protein powders perfectly

  Leak and spill proof

  There is no point in having a blender bottles if it does not perform its basic function.

  Another thing you must keep in mind is whether it is dishwasher safe. Not all shake mixer bottle are dishwasher safe. For example, metal shakers are usually not dishwasher safe, although they can keep your liquids cooler or warmer for longer. Some stainless steel shaker bottles are safe to drink though. On the other hand, the Voltrx protein bottle does all of the above perfectly and Voltrx would be my first choice!