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How to exercise chest muscles at home

di GuoxinWei sopra June 17, 2021

  The chest is a very important part of our body, so when we train, we usually train our chest in particular. Of course, there are a lot of chest training movements, so it is important to choose the right movements when training your chest. So, how to exercise chest muscles at home? Here's how to find out!


  1. tighten the abdomen, keep the back flat, the neck aligned with the spine, keeping the elbows close to the sides.

  2. Place your hands directly under your shoulders and slowly control yourself.

  3. Finally, go down slowly before getting up.

  4. The only equipment you need is a mirror to observe the correctness of the movement from the side, while there you can admire your engorged chest.

  Dumbbell Bench Press

  1. Adjust your chest position in the middle so that you are sitting with your knees slightly bent and your feet on the floor. 2.

  2. Hold the dumbbells and push them out as you exhale until your arms are straight. Bend your elbows slightly.

  3. As you breathe in, slowly and controlled move closer to you, not letting it free fall down, to control it.

  Seated elastic band pushing chest

  1. feet flat on the floor, at least shoulder-width apart.

  2. lean your back on the seat and lift your arms until they reach shoulder height (the angle of your elbows should be between 75 and 90 degrees). Keep the elbows and shoulders in a straight line with the back against the center of the chair backrest.

  3. Move smoothly and slowly, pushing the arms together and stopping before they are almost touching.

  4. Slowly return to the starting position.

  Prone Lunge Stretch Band Crossed Chest Clamp

  1. Start the exercise by placing your feet shoulder-width apart, one in front of the other, just as you would if you were walking.

  2. Hold the elastic band with your arms straight and head down, making sure your hands are under your shoulders and your elbows are bent a little.

  3. Let your movements be slow and controlled, do not pull hard, the trajectory is a large arc around you, so that you can get more resistance, continue to move your arms, and then both hands go up and down through in a crossed position.

  4. slowly put your arms back to the starting position, do not let your arms back to the shoulders.

  Double bar arm curl

  1. Firmly grasp the parallel bar and lift your body. 2.

  2. Keep your elbows straight, your head in line with your torso, and your wrists in line with your forearms.

  3. Place one leg through the other to stabilize your lower body and push out your abs. 4.

  4. Exhale and bend your elbows to lower your body. Keep your elbows close to your sides. Your legs should be directly under your body to avoid tilting or swinging.

  5. Lower yourself until your elbows reach a 90-degree angle and your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Keep your wrists straight.

  6. Pause, then straighten your elbows and push onto the bar with your hands, then return to the starting position. Keep your body vertical and your wrists upright.