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I bought a voltrx protein shaker bottle instead of meals. never look back.

di GuoxinWei sopra June 01, 2021

  I drink Huel for breakfast every morning before going to work. The effect is very good. But when you place your order, you get a Huel brand vibrating screen instead of what I like. It's great, and it's easy to use, but I can't organize these things on a regular basis. It's too wide to fit the drink holder in my car! These problems, as well as more problems, can be solved by this reasonably priced but very effective shaker bottle.

  The first thing I want to mention is that although I cancelled my order to buy this product from Amazon, it was only because I stumbled upon a product at the local Wal-Mart supermarket that morning. I came up with something, the same price, but I got it right away. I will buy more products in the short term and plan to buy directly from Amazon (the free shipping rules, I am not limited to Wal-Mart.)

  I was satisfied with this immediately. Usually we ignore simple things most of the time, such as electric shaker. Do you think it will work to the limit, or as far as I am concerned, some things will get better? I found that the bottle as a whole does not need to be shaken. This may not be important to most people, but I want to know that I can complete a perfect mix in less than 2 minutes. The accompanying stirring ball can change the rules of the game. Such a simple concept is excellent. No more trembling.

  The attached handle can be easily clipped on the bag or carried with you, separated from the bottle cap, so you don’t have to worry about opening it at any time. It is actually leak-proof, because even in extreme cases, I cannot let the electric shaker bottle leak.

  The design is underestimated. What I like is the quietness of the brand, which I dare not say to the Huel shaker. I definitely don't mind marketing Huel, because I have used it for nearly two years and found that it is a delicious specialty meal replacement food. However, whenever someone asks me what Huel is, things get old. Now, I can avoid repeating the same answer six times a day.

  Finally, it is easy to clean. It's not that the Huel vibrating screen is difficult to clean, but that this step is so simple. Everything slipped immediately, nothing was caught by the hard edge. The lid and ball are also cleaned, and there is no problem around the mouth and cap.

  If I have an opinion, it is that you cannot see the measurement result on the electric shaker bottle. I personally won’t be bothered by this, because I haven’t actually measured the mixture (usually coffee), but I can see that electric shakers may disappoint others. I suggest adding a thin line of contrasting color to every 100ml mark. To be honest, this is really just a stubborn choice.

  I will definitely recommend this method to everyone who asks. Little things like this improve our lives in subtle ways, and we become better because of it.