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Once you use voltrx Shaker Bottle, you will not look back.

di GuoxinWei sopra June 16, 2021

  This electric shaker is very strong, I like it. I have used other mixing bottles before, but if you squeeze them hard, the plastic may bend or press in. This protein bottle shaker, lid and metal ball are very strong, even though it has been washed in the dishwasher more than ten times so far. feeling not bad. Matte black looks great.

  protein shaker electric has been used almost every day for five years, and finally had to order a new one. The only reason is that I fell off the top of the truck while driving away and forgot where I was. I use bottle electric to make my protein shakes and fresh fruit drinks.

  bought two electric shaker bottles for our new recipe. We use them to mix drinks. They work perfectly! The top is tightly sealed and the lid is clamped in place to prevent any leakage. The ball can also be folded up for easy cleaning. The only problem with the electric protein shaker is that it won't make DINK really cold, because there is no insulation material. Will definitely buy again and recommend again.