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voltrx electric shaker bottle is the best shaker bottle I have ever used

di GuoxinWei sopra June 01, 2021

  Mixed bottle has been my beverage of choice for a long time. Usually I choose something simple, such as milk and milk powder, but if it becomes thicker than something like yogurt, the mixing bottle will continue to hold. It feels a bit grainy when eating vegetarian powder, but nothing else. So I think, generally speaking, the protein shaker bottle can generate a stable vibration for your continuous movement.

  The snap-on case is as reliable as they claim. Tighten the cap, and after hearing the click of the cap, you can shake the bottle in any way without worrying about air leakage. However, it is very important to hear the click of the electric paint shaker bottle cap, otherwise it will almost certainly open and mess up the entire wall (trust me. I know)

  Electric blender bottle As far as cleanliness is concerned, if you wash it, you should rinse it immediately. Generally, you can rinse it quickly after drinking. Most drinks are clean, but it is easy to clean with a sponge.

  I can’t say too much about the durability of the electric shaker bottle, because I have not experienced too much pain, but I have given up several times and there is no problem of damage. It looks as strong as you think, so as long as you don't swing it like a hammer.