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VOLTRX protein shake blender is the best Shaker Bottle I have ever used

di GuoxinWei sopra July 17, 2021

  The electric protein shaker mixes my casein very well. Although this is the first time I have used dymatize casein. But it will not leave a big egg white like I experienced before. Drinking is never very pleasant. ) Once too many items were carried and accidentally fell into the concrete from a high place. The lid popped open, so I lost the protein (but I might be surprised if it didn't happen), but apart from the scratches caused by hitting the concrete, it seemed okay. No cracks, this is what I processed with GNC shake flask. I want to say give this shakes for protein shakes a chance

  After using  for 2 months, I started to find it difficult to remove the bottom from the blender. It rotates but cannot be separated. I had to pull it hard to remove it. I contacted the customer service and they were very happy to send me a new one right away, which I received yesterday (the mixer has a one-year warranty). They even asked me what color I wanted.

  Thank you for your great support for such professional and fast customer service.

  I used vortex blender bottle today

  (1) The mixing process is very good. I used protein powder. This is a drink. Not noisy. It is very light, and light makes it elegant.

  (2) Cut the strawberry in half. The electric shaker bottle does not cut the fruit, because the material of the shaker bottle electric is plastic, not sharp metal, so I would not recommend it for fruit or heavy objects. It is more suitable for powdery structure.