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Why use plastic electric shaker bottle?

di GuoxinWei sopra October 13, 2021


  Many people are confused about what kind of material to choose for the protein shaker bottle. There are too many GNC protein shaker styles and materials on the market. This inevitably gives consumers a headache. I can't move all of them home. What kind of electric blender bottle is the best and most suitable for me? Next, we investigated many fitness experts to see their understanding, needs and pain points of the custom protein shaker.

  Materials include plastic electric blender bottle and stainless steel electric blender bottle

  The first is the plastic shake bottle. Many people may wonder, is the plastic personalized shaker bottle good? Will plastic hurt people? Here, you can rest assured that all plastics used in brand shaker cups (including our bottle caps) are free of potentially harmful BPA, phthalates and other chemicals that pose a threat to the health of children and adults.

  Now some good shake bottles are impure. In these problems, plastic shake bottles are first transparent. You can see the mixing of water and protein powder. They are transparent. You can accurately know how much water you want. Second, the material is light and can be carried with you. You can go anywhere. Whether you go to travel or fitness, it won't add extra weight to you. The third is good cleaning. Many people will ask whether stainless steel is different. Let me tell you here, because stainless steel is not transparent, you don't know whether it is clean or not. The plastic shake bottle is transparent. You can see at a glance whether it is dry or not.

  The second is the stainless steel shake bottle. The stainless steel shake bottle will be heavier than the plastic one because it is metal. The heat preservation effect of stainless steel shake bottle is better than that of plastic. The most important thing is that the stainless steel shake bottle should be cleaned immediately after use. Although the metal quality is very good, it is undeniable that there are residual substances in the bottle, which may cause chemical reaction.

  What kind of electric protein shaker bottle do you like? I prefer to use plastic shakers. If you are a novice and haven't used shakers, I suggest you start with plastic Shakers first. In this way, you can take care of your bottle for shakes more conveniently without using much water. After cleaning the mixer cup, you should smell it to see if there is any taste.