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9 abdominal exercises for girls, there is always one for you

by GuoxinWei on June 16, 2021

  If a person exercises regularly, it is very helpful to one's body, and after exercise, it can enhance our physical fitness and at the same time shape our body. How to exercise the abdomen, you can exercise your abdomen by curling your abdomen, lying on your back and raising your legs. So, what are the 9 exercises for girls to do abdominal exercises? Let's take a look at the actions together!

  1. Crunches

  This action is done on a yoga mat. At the beginning, we lie down on the yoga mat. After adjusting the state, we use our abdomen to force our back to leave the ground. At this time, our legs are bent until our elbows can be Touch the knee position, this time we lie down again. Note that the back is always kept off the ground, and 30 moves are completed at a time as a group.

  2. Lie on your back and raise your legs

  Supine leg lift requires us to lie on the yoga mat first. At this time, our legs are close together and straightened, using the combined action of abdominal strength and leg strength, so that our legs can push up, and our legs are vertical to the ground. Try to keep our hips off the ground. Persist in this action to complete a set of 30 times.

  3. Russian rotation

  First of all, if you want to do this action, you need to sit on the floor first, then lift your two feet off the ground, bend your spine, and use your abdomen to exert force. Then, you can switch back and forth between the two sides, so that the transverse abdominis and The rectus abdominis will be contracted. It should be noted that when turning, everyone's two hands can hold a heavy object. If appropriate, you can use a medicine ball to increase the weight. Although the body rotates, the amplitude is relatively large, but it is necessary to ensure the stability of the core part.

  4. Plank support

  When the    movement just started, you first need to make a protruding position, but it doesn't mean that everyone should support the body with the palm of the hand. In fact, it is to support the body with the forearm, and the feet also need to be brought together at this time. On the whole, the body still has to be parallel to the ground, so at this time the core of the body should be kept in a relatively tense state. If you can hold on for about a minute, and there is no posture change in the middle, even breathing can be guaranteed, then this action is more successful.

  5. Sit-ups

  Sit-ups are a very common exercise in our lives, and even now it has been taken as a compulsory sport in many schools, which is enough to show that sit-ups are very good exercises. Sit-ups are a very good group of exercises to exercise the abdominal muscles. However, if we want to achieve the fitness effect faster, we still need to be able to persist for a long time. Generally speaking, a group of more than 30 can be done, and 2~3 can be done a day. group. If you persist for a long time, you will find that your abdominal muscles slowly come out.

  6. ​​Lie on your back

  This action is done by lying on the yoga mat. At the beginning, we lie down and keep our legs close together. At this time, we will slowly leave our legs off the ground and be able to push up as much as possible. The higher the height, the better, and we need to keep our hips off the ground by the way. At this time, we need to use a lot of abdominal strength to complete the action. Persist in completing 20 movements each time as a group, and insist on performing 3 groups.

  7. V starts at both ends

  You need to lie down on your back, with your legs close together, and forcefully straighten toward the center of your body. At the same time, the upper body also leaves the ground, and both ends of the body apply force to the middle abdomen at the same time. At this time, your whole body is like the word "v". This action mainly exercises your rectus abdominis, and can effectively exercise your leg rectus abdominis.

  8. Lie on your back and half up

  Sit-up is better than sit-ups and practice 11-character abs. But the only difference from sit-ups is that when exercising, the upper body is not all sitting up. The angle of the upper body up must be 15 degrees with the ground. It needs to be done 5 times a day, 30 times each time, between 5 times The interval should not exceed 1 minute. When doing this exercise, you will find that the waist and abdomen require a lot of force, so it is very painful. After doing this, gently massage the waist and abdomen. The editor reminds that when doing sit-ups, the posture must be standard, otherwise the exercise effect will not be good, and it is easy to damage the back muscles or psoas muscles.

  9. V-shaped support

  The legs are floating in the air, supporting the whole body with both hands and buttocks, using the power of the abdominal muscles to do body stretching exercises, and the chest and knee joints move closer to each other and stretch.