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Abdominal exercise 9 movements do not try to lose a lot

by GuoxinWei on June 20, 2021

  It is important for both guys and girls to exercise regularly because after exercise, muscles can be found in the abdomen or other parts of the body. Many people will like the presence of such muscles, so if you choose to do abdominal exercises properly, you will be able to have abs produced. So, what are the 9 movements of abdominal exercise? Here's how to find out!

  1. Russian turn

  First of all, to do this action, you need to sit on the floor, then two feet off the ground, so that their spine bent, and abdominal force, then, we can exchange back and forth to both sides of the body, so that the transverse abdominal muscles and rectus abdominis will be contracted. It is important to note that when turning the body, we can keep a heavy object in both hands, if appropriate, you can use a medicine ball to increase the weight. Although the body in the turn, the amplitude is relatively large, but also to ensure the stability of the core parts Oh.

  2. flat support

  At the beginning of the action, the first need to make a push-up state, but not that we should be told to use the palms of the hands to support the body, in fact, the forearms to support the body, and feet this time also need to be together. The body in general, or parallel to the ground, so this time the core of the body to maintain a more tense state. Can adhere to a minute or so, and no change of posture in the middle, even breathing, can ensure that the action is more successful.

  3. sit-ups

  Sit-ups are a very common exercise program in our lives, and even now in many schools have been as a mandatory physical education program, which is enough to show that sit-ups are very good exercise movements. Sit-ups are a very good group of exercises abdominal muscles, but want to achieve fitness results faster, then we still need to be able to adhere to long-term, generally speaking, a group to do more than 30, a day can do 2 to 3 groups. Long-term persistence, you can find the abdominal muscle slowly out.

  4. curl abdomen

  This action requires you to put two hands next to the ears, and then the movement to keep our chin and neck angle unchanged, that is, the head do not randomly to twist, and do not go to break the neck. This time we will feel a continuous tension in the abdomen, and then we rise to the shoulders, so that the shoulders off the ground, so that we can exercise our abdominal muscles very well.

  5. leg lift exercise

  This exercise is actually not difficult, just need to lie on the floor, and will relax the body, natural flat, and then the two legs are also to be flat, this time the two hands on both sides of the body. Breathe evenly, and later be ready to lift both legs until they are at an angle of 90 degrees to the upper body. It should be noted that in this process the two legs are not bent at the knees, must remain flat and straight, so that the body is a 90-degree right angle. Then slowly put down the legs, as long as this action is repeated, we can get our abs exercised, because in the process of lifting the legs is to use the strength of the abdomen to let the legs get lifted, if you want to have more difficult, it is possible to use two hands to support their bodies, so that the legs continue to complete the following actions.

  6. supine leg raises

  Supine leg raises this exercise is specifically used to exercise the lower part of the abdominal muscles, and the mermaid line is located in the lower part of the abdominal muscles, so for the exercise of the mermaid line and abdominal muscles have a great help. First lie on the floor, and then let the abdominal muscle parts tighten, the next thing to do is to straighten the two legs, and leg lifting exercise, the legs up and down when they are straight. And in the completion of these actions, must rely on the strength of their own abdominal muscles to do, rather than according to inertia. Usually do three sets of 10 to 15 each a day.

  7. two head up

  This action requires you to lie on your back on a mat, and then the legs and upper body at the same time slowly lift, after the hands touch the feet can return to the original position. The action can be done 3 to 5 groups each time, each group will need to do about ten times.

  8. prone back up

  The action requires you to prepare a mat, and then prone on the mat, this time also need to have a partner, because we need to let the partner press the foot, the next action is to use both hands to hold the head, after the arm hold the head, to force to lift the upper body. The same action is also about ten times per group, each time you can do 3 to 5 groups, are more reasonable.

  9. dangling legs

  This action requires the use of certain sports equipment, first of all, we first extend the right hand, and then hold the high bar, so that their bodies hanging all over the bar, then bend the legs, and then slightly turn their bodies. The number of movements and groups are similar to the above, but this action we need to slow down some, do not let their waist flash to.