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Beautiful VOLTRX glass shaker bottle-the effect is very good

by GuoxinWei on August 05, 2021

  I like these electronic blender bottles! I have been using a blender bottle for many years, and I think connecting a vibrator in the bottle seems to be an interesting idea. These mixing bottles work very well and seem to break the lumps in my protein shake very well! Not to mention the excellent design of the two rocking chairs! I focus on the substance, lifting and grinding the best protein shake electric mixer, color and image Looks exactly the same in. I am very satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend these electric protein mixer cups.

  This is the second time I have left this company. I was depressed at first, because the scroll bar didn't move when it first arrived. The portable electric blender bottle is too tight, so when I shake it, it doesn't actually move up and down on the center pole. When I decided to loosen its grip by twisting the wire with both hands, I was about to retract the portable electric blender bottle, and now it works like another hand. no big deal. I'm still happy

  I use a portable blender bottle to drink my fitness drink and it works very well. I prefer the spiral in the middle to the vibrating ball, because I can't lose it. I often wash the portable electric protein shaker bottle, and the characters show no signs of fading. This is a cute cup. I only drink things like pre-exercise and bcaas, so I am not sure how easy it is to remove things like protein from the central spiral, but the electric shaker bottle pakistan is very useful for my purposes