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Bench press, pull back, push shoulder do not master this skill, do not say your training does not feel

by GuoxinWei on May 21, 2021


  The details sought by the master. In all fitness techniques. We most often hear the word "sunken shoulder", so is all the fitness movements need to sink the shoulder?

  I. Chest thrusts

  Need to sink the shoulders

  If the sinking shoulder action is missing, it will involve the deltoids too much. Instead of sinking your shoulders, you will unconsciously feel that your pectoral muscles are also being pushed out and tightened. More can play a huge power.

  II. Back pulling

  Need to sink your shoulders

  If you don't sink your shoulders, you don't fully activate your scapulae. The latissimus dorsi muscle does not work, it is the arms that are doing the work, and then you lose the meaning of back training with the pull. Therefore, sinking the shoulders is the key to a good pull.

  III. Shoulder Pushing

  Need to sink your shoulders

  Here we are talking about shoulder presses, both in the standing and seated positions. Many people believe that after pushing out the dumbbells, you should still keep your shoulders down.

  But in reality, this leaves very little room inside our shoulder joint and makes it easier to injure the shoulder joint.

  So it's a good idea to shrug your shoulders along at the highest point of the movement. Give the shoulder joint more space to avoid injury to the joint. As for many people think that shrugging will cause the trapezius muscle to compensate.

  Don't worry, shrugging only occurs at the peak moment in the shoulder press. The process before that is all about sinking the shoulder, which already allows the deltoid to engage well. So it will not affect the exercise effect.