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Bodybuilding theory: the principle of progressive overload training

by GuoxinWei on May 20, 2021


  Progressive overload training principle

  It is a theory that is a combination of both the overload principle and the progressive principle.

  These two principles are not unique or invented by Wade, Wade only combined the two theories to become the most important first principle of Wade bodybuilding training principles, but both for beginners, intermediate and advanced bodybuilding trainers this principle is the most important core training principles.

  In bodybuilding training to produce muscle growth training effect, the athlete must be trained to achieve a certain basic threshold (Critical Threshold), if below the level of this basic threshold, it means that the training effect will not be produced.

  Overload principle

  When bodybuilders adapt to a load of training stimuli, it is necessary to increase the load in the right time, the right amount of load to exceed the original load, training results to continue to grow, this theory is the principle of overload (overload principle).

  In short, overload means that the load that exceeds the original load is overload, the purpose of bodybuilding training is to systematically apply sports load, so that bodybuilders against the load to improve the ability to promote the growth of more muscle.

  The principle of overload training originates from one of the most basic physiological characteristics of natural organisms, which is that organisms can respond to any internal or external stimuli, also known as stress.

  The greater the intensity of the stimulus, the greater the response caused by the organism.

  The essence of exercise load is also an external stimulus, and it is a very strong stimulus, and will lead to a very violent response changes in the body.

  Therefore, the principle of overload is based on the basic response and adaptation of the body function to the stimulus of sports load.

  When we apply a large training load to bodybuilders at the beginning, the nerve and muscle function response is stronger and the training effect is more obvious.

  But as bodybuilders gradually adapt to the training load, the response of this function will become less and less, and the training effect will gradually diminish.

  Therefore, in this case, if you want to continue to improve the level and intensity of training, it is necessary to increase the intensity of the training load in order to cause a new round of body response and adaptation process. According to this cycle of continuous repetition, that is, the basic meaning of overload.