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Double bar arm flexion is a compound action double bar arm flexion can exercise to the muscle groups

by GuoxinWei on May 18, 2021


  When it comes to exercise, we go through there are two kinds of exercises. One is isolation training, specifically for a particular part of the training, and another is compound training, you can exercise multiple muscle groups at the same time. There are also isolation and compound movements in the exercise movement.

  The double bar arm extension is a compound movement. The so-called compound movement is a movement that involves multiple joints and can stimulate multiple muscle parts at once, so it allows multiple muscles to be trained at the same time, allowing for better overall development. At the same time can secrete a lot of testosterone, on the muscle growth plays a great role, and compound action because you can train to multiple muscle groups, so fat burning is also faster, is also known as the "golden action".

  The muscle groups that can be exercised by double bar arm curls

  Exercise muscle group one: pectoral muscles

  This is no doubt, many people have added the double bar arm extensions to their chest training day, because this action can mainly stimulate our lower pectoral muscles, if you want your pectoral muscles into a very contoured shape, then this action is your second choice.

  Exercise muscle group two: triceps

  In doing the double bar arm flexion, we must go through the strength of the triceps to compress their body weight, in the process of falling to rise, our arms carry our own full weight, so we need to remind you that if our strength is not to that point, I hope we can wear elbow pads to carry out, in order to achieve the safest training state.

  Exercise muscle group three: shoulder muscle group

  Many people think that the double bar can only exercise to the pectoral muscles and triceps, but I do not know that as long as it is about our upper limb muscle groups, the shoulders must be involved, and this movement is no exception, in the movement, although our shoulders are in a passive stage, but every time we rise and fall, our shoulders will play a role in stabilizing the body. If we want to focus on chest training, our upper body leaning forward will have a greater training effect on the anterior deltoid (shoulder) bundle.

  Which training is more efficient, compound action or isolation action

  First of all, we need to know the isolation action: involving fewer muscle groups and more targeted. Dumbbell curls, for example, mainly stimulate the biceps. Compound movements allow for better overall muscle group development and are more efficient for muscle gain and fat loss, while isolation movements target your weaker side muscles to give strength.