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Efficient fat-burning 8 classic movements do not practice the loss of practice

by GuoxinWei on July 06, 2021

  In the fitness action, there are a variety of movements, and no matter what the action is to have their own role, such as some movements to build muscle, some movements can burn fat. In the fat burning action, some movements are basic movements, some movements are classic movements. So, what are the 8 classic movements for efficient fat burning? Here's a look at it!

  Vertical jumping in place

  1. feet shoulder-width apart, stand well, knees slightly bent, while the upper body leaned forward, about 45 degrees to the ground, arms naturally swing back, a half-squat position.

  2. jump up in place, while the upper body straight, arms swinging up with the body.

  3. land naturally, bend your knees to cushion, return to the starting position. 4.

  4. do about 20 times, control time in about 30 seconds.

  Sliding squat jump

  1. start in a half-squat position, hands can be folded in front of the chest, to maintain balance.

  2. gently jump up, one foot off the ground, to the opposite side of the diagonal rear extension, tighten the inner thighs, as much as possible to increase the step, while adjusting the center of gravity to maintain body balance, support the leg on the same side of the hip with the feeling of being stretched.

  3. Quickly return to the starting position, repeat the action on the other side, alternating left and right jumps 15 times each.

  Alternating side lunge

  1. Stand two times shoulder width apart, toes pointing diagonally forward, hands holding small dumbbells collected in front of the chest.

  2. Bend one knee in a side lunge, then shift the weight to the side of the bent leg and lean forward slightly.

  3. control your body by the force of your legs, change your weight to the other side, and do the same side lunge. Alternate left and right 15 times each.

  Push-ups open and close jump

  1. Start with a push-up position.

  2. Hands on the ground, tighten the core, legs jump up and apart, about the same width as the shoulders, four points to support the ground.

  3. Bring your feet together and return to the starting position. Do 30 times in a row.

  Prone in situ mountain climbing

  1. Start in a push-up position.

  2. Contract the abdomen, lift one knee to the chest, feel the abdomen being squeezed, and the other leg stirring to maintain stability. After a significant stretch from the hip to the back of the thigh, close the leg and return to the push-up position.

  3. switch to the other leg to complete the same action, the two legs alternately repeated 30 times.

  Arrow Squat

  1. Start in the upright position. One foot back a large step, and squat down in an arrow squat, feel the front of the thighs and hips are fully stretched. Arms in front of the chest in a punch preparation position.

  2. Retract the back leg and change to a standing position, while lifting the knee as high as possible and swinging the hands naturally to the sides of the body. Drop the leg and return to the starting position of standing.

  3. alternate legs to do 10 times each, you can also do 10 times on one side and then switch to the other side.

  Small jump dumbbell front planks

  1. feet apart, stand upright, holding two small dumbbells in front of the body with both hands.

  2. arms flat in front, back of the hands towards the ceiling, flat to parallel to the ground, while the legs jump back and forth apart.

  3. Drop your hands back while alternating your feet quickly, and after completing the alternation, raise the dumbbells flat again with both arms. Repeat the movement 20 times.

  Dive bombing push-ups

  1. Start in a normal push-up position with your feet slightly spread out, shoulder-width apart. Keeping your legs straight, lift your hips upward and form an inverted V shape with your body.

  2. head slowly along the direction of the arms to the ground, eyes on the ground, the body then flattened until the upper body and the ground parallel, at this time the upper arms and the ground is also close to parallel.

  3. Maintain this position and continue to sink at the hips, pushing the body forward and upward until the arms are perpendicular to the ground, fully supporting the body in a yoga-like upward facing dog position. Reverse this movement, return to the starting position, and do 6 to 8 times.