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Great and fast electric protein shaker bottle!

by GuoxinWei on September 27, 2021


  Great miixr electric shaker bottle! It mixes my protein shakes very thoroughly and quickly! You would think making a protein shake would be quick, but for those busy mornings when I need to shake while pulling out my breakfast utensils, this mini electric shaker is great. Hand shaking is crap, this miixr electric shaker bottle battery replacement makes sense, good price, no problems.

  I use it with ice and it works great, but the rotating part is plastic, so if you are worried about that, it's best not to put ice in it. Now I can easily drink my protein. The only inconvenience is the cleaning. This was my first time using the protein electric shaker. it tasted great and didn't leave any hard lumps. I use it almost every day now.

  I'm really happy with how the portable electric shaker turned out, and I love the cool design! I'm not sure how durable the mixer electric shaker bottle is, but it seems pretty sturdy.