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Great choice for economical electronic blender bottle

by GuoxinWei on July 01, 2021

  I have been working out my whole life, so I have about one million pink protein shakers, but somehow these are different. These are very valuable and durable for a dollar doll! Me, my Huzzband and three boys, from 12 years old They are all used in their teens. They fall off regularly without cracks. They also seem to be easier to clean the electric protein shaker, just like my youngest child, drying on a smoothie is usually a torture... I stand in front of the sink and argue with the trash whether to throw it away or take time to wash it... Hahaha... I There are no such problems. Will order more.

  We are a busy family and are always on the road, so shaking the electric protein blender bottle when going out is great. When the hot weather comes, I will pack electrolytes in different beverage bags. The JEELA SPORTS shaker is a good choice. My daughter usually takes me, but this bag is more affordable. I would love to buy these electric protein mixers for just one bottle. Bright colors and more!

  I bought these vortex protein shakers for my elderly father. He has spilled the bottle before. These bottles are great for him. If he needs a straw, I can easily add a straw. The water stayed cool for a long time and I did not overflow when the lid was closed. I can mix the powdered medicine with the stirring ball provided in each bottle of the electric shaker bottle without lumps.