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Gym must practice equipment of high pull-down, 80% of people are doing it wrong!

by GuoxinWei on May 23, 2021


  In the gym, on the most popular fitness equipment, there is nothing more than the high pull-down! Men practice it, you can have a wide back, women practice it, you can make the body posture upright. That must practice one of the equipment of the high pull-down, are you practicing the right?

  How to do this movement correctly

  I. Select the right weight.

  Two. Core tightening, straight back and spine to maintain a neutral position.

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  Three. Sequence of force: scapulae sink → bend the elbow to pull the weight down (elbow and shoulder in line backwards).

  IV. Palms hanging on the bar like a hook.

  V. Maintaining tension in the latissimus dorsi during centrifugal contraction (put back).

  Everyone practices it, but the ones who do it right are really few and far between. Learning the right moves is much more important than starting training blindly!