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Hanging leg lifts how much a day to do the most appropriate

by GuoxinWei on June 20, 2021

  For beginners, they are not exposed to hanging leg lifts because they are a difficult training exercise. If a person wants to do hanging leg lifts, it is necessary to master certain training skills before you can do hanging leg lifts. So, how many hanging leg lifts a day is the most appropriate? Here's a look at how much is appropriate to do it!

  Hanging leg lifts a day to do how much is the most appropriate

  Hanging leg lifts relative to our usual familiar very simple curl, sit-ups, etc., the difficulty is increased very much, so we just need to complete a group of 10 to 15 can, but it should be noted that each time you can carry out 3 to 8 groups. In the process of exercise, we need to do the standard action in place, do not blindly, before starting the exercise, first understand the correct practice of action before starting.

  Hanging leg raise correct practice

  1. palms forward to hold the bar handle, the body is naturally vertical, both feet together, toes towards the ground.

  2. contract the abdominal muscles, drive the feet upward until the thighs are parallel to the ground, feel the continuous tension of the abdominal muscles, hold for 2-3 seconds.

  3. control the force of the abdominal muscles, slowly restore, repeat.

  Hanging leg lifts precautions

  1. avoid using the body's inertia. It is important to have complete control of your entire movement flow from start to finish, including during the descent phase of the movement. Be sure not to lift your legs up and then relax your abs directly to let your legs fall back to the starting position, and consciously control your legs to slowly return to the starting position. In fact, the descending phase of the movement is more important than the leg lift phase. If you do not control the descent phase, then you will lose control of the body and then sway.

  2. The entire movement continues to maintain tension. After lifting your legs to a horizontal position (your abs touching your pelvis, not your thighs), still keep your body tense. The key to getting maximum stimulation from hanging leg lifts is to keep your pelvis tilted back throughout the movement. This will keep the abs tense at all times. Many people let their bodies relax once the legs are raised to a horizontal position, which is wrong.

  3. straighten the arms, back force, keep the body stable. Back force closely connected to the entire upper body, so that the body is further stabilized to prevent swaying. Make sure your elbows don't bend when you lift your legs, as elbow flexion will dissipate the force and break the body's stability. Many people don't realize this when they exercise, and the elbows must be locked throughout the flow of the movement to better isolate and stimulate the abs!