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How long does it take to charge the VOLTRX electric protein shaker cup?

by GuoxinWei on January 23, 2022


This portable electric protein shaker is great. I can use it for a whole week on a single charge. I use the 100-second feature "Two Fast Clicks" to mix my BCAAs or proteins. I love the shimmer when blending.

The protein electric shaker charges quickly. I use it to mix drinks every day. I only charged it once. There is a light on it to light up the cup when in use. After mixing, the mixture does not clump together. I also like that it automatically shuts off after blending. I have discarded it many times. There is no damage to the cup. If you drink a lot of hard alcohol, it's worth the investment.

Electric soap protein shakers are ideal for mixing protein or other supplements. Much better than vibrators. Long charging time. I added 2 tablespoons of protein powder and 8 ounces of almond milk. no problem. The first time it fell several times, no cracks, no splinters. The flash showing the remaining battery power is cold.

I like this electric shaker. I use protein shakes every day. I've been using it for a few weeks. I only need to charge twice. I use it every day. I travel a lot. This is perfect and very easy to clean. The protein shake mix bottle isn't for ice or berries, but that's okay. It mixes my shakes better than a shaker.

I love this electric blender water bottle! I go to work easily. Make my body tremble! It's quiet and rechargeable. I love the magnetic charging cable. I love the light function when mixing! It could not be better! It has changed my healthy habits! I think I'll buy a mixer cup for Christmas!

This is a great, best electric shaker. It feels heavy, but I have to agree with some of the reviews. Once the protein is in the blender, it will slow down and you will need to push the mixture several times for the lumps to disappear.