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How many calories are consumed in one hour using a treadmill

by GuoxinWei on June 28, 2021

  Treadmill is often met with a kind of exercise equipment, some people also often use the treadmill to exercise the body. The treadmill mainly exercises the legs and abdominal muscles, but also can exercise to the outer hip, inner and outer thighs and other parts. For an hour to consume how many calories, you may not understand, then we will learn how many calories an hour to consume treadmill it.

  How many calories consumed in one hour

  As the treadmill can simultaneously for the legs, waist, hips and other parts of the fat burning, continuous exercise with the treadmill for an hour, on the basis of ensuring a smooth speed, can consume about 300-600 calories.

  Practice treadmill mainly thin where

  1. thin legs

  In the treadmill, it is possible to exercise the muscle groups of the legs, but also to enhance the inner and outer thigh muscles that are not usually exercised. Regular treadmill consumption of calories, burning fat, can help to lose thighs and calves flabby fat and excess fat.

  2. slim waist

  In the practice of treadmill, in addition to the legs are moving, your waist and abdomen is also in the force, especially the twist waist treadmill. Long-term exercise is to help burn waist fat, to play the effect of waist thinning.

  Treadmill training methods

  1. swinging arms, the higher the arm swing, the greater the intensity;

  2. lower body squat, do not let the bent knees over your toes, and then stand up straight, resume the exercise state;

  3. Hold the pull rope tightly and swing up and down;

  4. Hold the rope tightly, one hand above your head, then with the step the other hand above your head, the original hand down to the waist area;

  5. tightly hold the rope, when a foot step, the corresponding hand to the front straight, the other hand to the waist, and then with the step, the other hand to the front straight, the original hand on the waist;

  6. hold the pull rope tightly, with the step, each hand to the side.

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