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How many scissors legs are effective?

by GuoxinWei on July 05, 2021

  When we exercise, we use many methods. Among these methods, many methods are very effective. Among them, scissor legs are one kind, and making scissor legs has many benefits to the body, such as promoting liver. Detoxify, stabilize blood pressure, etc. So, how many scissor legs are effective? Let's take a look at the scissors legs together!

  How many scissor legs are effective

  There is actually no strict requirement for the number of scissor legs, but some netizens said that they have to do 100-150 per day to be effective. In addition, if you want to use scissor legs, the most important thing is persistence.

  It will take half a month to do scissors legs, but weight loss does not depend on how much exercise you do, but on how much your body absorbs and releases every day, so a reasonable diet is required. In addition, doing some other exercises will come faster, such as running, abdominal crunching and so on.

  How to make scissor legs

  1. Open your feet shoulder-width apart

  Choose a flat place, lay on a yoga mat and lie flat on it, raise your feet to be perpendicular to your body, and open your feet to shoulder-width apart, and relax your hands on the top of your head or on both sides of your body.

  2. Cross your legs

  Cross the opened legs left and right, and feel like scissors to open and close. First cross the left foot in front of the right foot, and then cross the right foot in front of the left foot. Repeat the exercise about 20-30 times. Adjust the number of times as you get used to it.

  3. Keep your feet in line

  When doing cross movements, remember to keep your legs perpendicular to the ground and do not bend your knees. If you are tired, you can go back to step 1 to rest.

  4. Rest your legs

  After completing the action, do not immediately put down your legs after returning to the action of step 1. First adjust your breathing and then slowly lower your legs. Continue the action for about 3 minutes a day.