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How to exercise the back muscles for female fitness

by GuoxinWei on June 07, 2021

  Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a fitness expert, you will exercise the back muscles. Of course, there are many exercises in the fitness exercises that can exercise the back muscles, but there are also some exquisite exercises. For example, some exercises are suitable for women and some are suitable for men . How long does it take for women’s fitness to be effective? If you don’t understand, you can follow the editor to see the correct answer.

  leaning over dumbbell rowing

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, bend your knees slightly, lean your upper body forward, hips backward, bend over and make sure your back is straight so that your upper body is almost parallel to the ground. Drop your arms naturally, palms facing each other, and look forward. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Shrink the shoulder blades, press the elbows against your body, quickly lift the dumbbells to your sides, and exhale at the same time. Keep the back muscles tightened at the top for 1 second.

  3. Then slowly return the dumbbells to the starting position and inhale at the same time.

  sitting posture good morning pose

  1. Put the box under the barbell rack and set the barbell bolt to a suitable height. To start the action, sit under the barbell, put the barbell on your back, and don't lean on the trapezius muscle. Contract your shoulder blades, turn your elbows forward, and make a movement of bending the lever with your shoulders.

  2. Take the barbell off the rack, and hold the bow tightly. Head straight ahead. The core muscles of the back, shoulders and abdomen are tightened, pushing the knees and hips outwards and starting to descend. Sit back with your hips until you sit on the box. This is the starting position of the action.

  3. Tighten the barbell and bend your hips forward as much as possible. If the barbell is set in the front parallel position, it can provide extra protection in the event of failure, and it can also remind you to stop the action properly.

  4. Stop when you are about to reach the barbell, and resume your movements until your body is upright.

  Kettlebell Sumo High Pull

  1. Hold a kettlebell in both hands, place it between your legs, and let your arms hang down naturally. Stand with your feet open, keeping a distance slightly larger than the width of your shoulders, with your toes slightly outward. Bend your knees, raise your head and chest, and keep your hips as far back as possible. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Then straighten your hips and knees, pull the kettlebell to your shoulders while standing, and raise your elbows.

  3. After staying at the top for a while, return to the starting position and repeat the above actions to the recommended number of times.

  mid-grip pull-ups

  1. In a neutral grip, hold two parallel pull-up bars and hang freely under the bars with your arms straight. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Bend the elbows, pull up the body, and stretch the glenohumeral joint. Do not use shaking inertia to complete this action. Try to put the lower bara on the pole, beyond the position of the hand.

  3. Pause at the top of the action, then descend to return to the starting position.