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How to scientifically exercise the biceps

by GuoxinWei on May 17, 2021


  The biceps are an important muscle group for us to exercise our muscles, and many people who are just starting to work out also like to start with the biceps. There are many exercises for biceps, and most biceps take a while to work out.

  Dumbbell curl

  The action is very simple, find a dumbbell that can manage a certain weight, with one arm to do the flexion action, do 3 groups a day, each time do 15, alternating left and right hand training.

  Dumbbell or barbell curls

  Working out with dumbbells and barbells never goes out of style. Grab a properly weighted barbell or two dumbbells and bend them outward with your palms. If you want to be more challenging, then lower the barbell or dumbbells slowly for at least 4 seconds and you'll immediately get a muscle burning sensation. When performing dumbbell and barbell curls, start with small weight dumbbell sets, then slowly build muscle and after two months of training, you can challenge the super sets. The weight should be gradual, divided into five groups, each group cycle 30 times, each group interval rest 30s.

  Palm press hammer curls

  Action elements.

  Hold a pair of dumbbells in a palm-to-palm position, with the body in a palm-up press starting position. Maintain this position and bend the dumbbells upward with your right hand to the shoulder position. The dumbbells are lowered to the starting position, and the right and left hands alternate for the curls. 30 to 60 seconds for a group, adding weight to each group, but do not use explosive force. This movement is close to the palm press dumbbell row. Only instead of rowing, when you lift the weight upwards, the core muscles have to be tensed in order to keep the body smooth. This action is also a first-class training effect on the abdominal muscles.

  Supine barbell arm curls

  We can help our biceps get an effective workout through barbell flexion. We need to lie down, choose the right weight, holding the barbell, through the biceps force, so as to bend the arm joint, slowly let the barbell along a certain track down, bending the barbell. It is recommended to perform 5 sets at a time, one set of 20.