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I searched for VOLTRX protein bottle for a long time, and finally found it

by GuoxinWei on July 30, 2021

  I like this electric shaker bottle product! I have been looking for something similar, but it is always missing in some departments. Now I have found the best of both worlds. It is super light and easy to carry, with a small handle on the top. Especially if you are in the gym and need to grab the protein shake mixer quickly, it will work wonders. I like green. I'm afraid it will be too bright, but perfect emerald green. I will buy the rest to complete my collection! If you are hesitant to buy this product, please do not hesitate, it is a magical product with super fast shipping function!

  I just got my protein shaker bottle today. It is 32 ounces! I somehow missed it. So it's super big compared to my little electric shaker, but it's still great. It looks like a painting in an advertisement. The whole bottle seems to be good, although I am a little nervous about W falling. I might be washing my hands to save it. I am very excited to use my new electric protein shaker bottle. This is not the first mixing bottle I have ever used. The mixed bottle did not disappoint me. This is a nice small flip top loop that can be pushed down when not in use. The top is closed safely, so I am not worried about any leaks. The color is very beautiful, and it matches well with w. The ball inside looks very strong, not as fragile as a fake ball. The bottom of the bottle is curved instead of flat (it is flat, but the inside is curved), this will make the electric shaker bottle clean better, so I am also very happy! In short, I am very satisfied with my purchase and can’t wait Want to use it.