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Is fitness diet time important

by GuoxinWei on May 19, 2021


  What you should eat after a workout is a concern for many fitness people. In addition to the nutrition of the post-workout diet, the timing of the post-workout diet is also a concern for many people. Because we all believe that there is a metabolic window after the workout, which is important for fitness.

  How the fitness diet time is arranged

  Breakfast 8:00 eggs, a small amount of staple food, plus milk or soy milk, etc. Chinese lunch 11:30 whole staple food, moderate amount of meat, plus a sufficient amount of vegetables. Next lunch 3:00 moderate amount of staple food, supplemented with some milk and fruit. Training time 5:00 30 minutes before training, supplemented with some calories. 7:00 protein shake, a small amount of staple food. Dinner 8:00 moderate amount of staple food, adequate protein, without adding vegetables.

  Is it important to time your fitness diet?

  When it comes to the importance of timing your diet, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. For example, post-workout diet timing may be more important to one fitness enthusiast than another, and diet timing is based on the variability of one's daily life. The primary goal of diet timing is to restore energy and nutrients so that the body can take full advantage of them at important times (e.g., after strenuous exercise). During and after strenuous exercise, glycogen stores are depleted, the body is less hydrated, and muscles are in a period of need for repair.

  Therefore, a post-workout diet is said to help restore the body's lost nutrients, increase energy levels, and facilitate the recovery process by increasing muscle protein synthesis, which is the body's way of using protein for post-exercise recovery.

  Diet timing is never a matter of right or wrong; the issue should be looked at from multiple perspectives. Factors such as pre-workout nutrition, workout duration and fitness methods have an impact on the importance of diet timing for different people.