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Is it possible to thin the abdomen by sticking to the scissors legs?

by GuoxinWei on July 04, 2021

  In the training exercise, the scissor leg is a good exercise, but it is also a simple training exercise. There are many benefits to persist in training the scissor leg, such as promoting liver detoxification and stabilizing blood pressure. But training scissor legs is also exquisite. So, can sticking scissors legs make a belly thinner? Let's take a look at the scissor legs.

  Scissors leg standard movement

  1. Choose a flat place, spread a yoga mat, lie flat on it, raise your feet perpendicular to your body, spread your feet shoulder-width apart, and relax your hands on the top of your head or on your sides.

  2. Cross the open legs left and right, it feels like scissors. First cross your left foot in front of your right foot, then cross your right foot in front of your left foot, and repeat the movement about 20-30 times. The time can be adjusted according to your personal habits.

  3. When doing cross movements, remember that your legs are perpendicular to the ground and do not bend your knees. If you are tired, you can go back to the first step to rest.

  4. After completing the action, do not lower your legs immediately after returning to the action of step 1. Adjust your breathing first, then slowly lower your legs. Keep exercising for about 3 minutes every day.

  Common mistakes of scissors legs

  Error: Swinging the body in pursuit of fast movement will make the leg muscles stronger.

  Solution: Reduce the scope of activity and ensure that the upper body is fixed.