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It is very convenient to use glass shaker bottle blender to blend protein

by GuoxinWei on January 25, 2022


I personally like drinking water very much. I can eat less rice and drink more water. I have dry skin and I need to pay special attention to hydration.

The VOLTRX Electric Blender Water Bottle is available in a variety of colors. I chose lime grey because I think it's a good color for spring and summer. I think we can use the VOLTRX electric blender bottle as a magic camera. Whether it is a picnic prop or a street shooting accessory, it is more eye-catching.

Because it is a diamond-cut Blender water bottle, blingbiling is very dazzling in the sun!

When I press the basic button, the protein shaker bottle will light up and the one-touch blending mode will begin. I usually take out a milkshake or goat's milk powder. After about 30 seconds, the stirring is basically completed and the whole is relatively uniform. The last button turns on the VOLTRX Electric Water Bottle.

The overall details are well done, the appearance scale is clear, 600ml. It's super big, super big, and can hold a lot of water at once. So now I always have the best protein shake bottle in my bag and take it to workouts without any leaks. The base is specially designed for charging, which is easy to use and has a beautiful side.

Finally, let's talk about the material. When I opened the protein shaker bottle after receiving it, there was no odor at all, and the texture was very good in my hand. The electric mixer water bottle is made of plastic imported from Tritan in the United States. After investigation, it is a baby food raw material from the European Union, which has passed a number of authoritative certifications in developed countries. So I don't have to worry about the health of the material.