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More versatile than all the other protine shakers I have used

by GuoxinWei on April 30, 2021

  Compared with all the other cool shaker bottles I have used in the past, the most prominent thing about these cool shaker bottles is that they have a screw on a separate container. It is attached to the smoothie shaker. You can use the lid of the container to tighten, and then tighten the lid yourself to open the container. This is very convenient because you can store protein powders and even snacks in it without worrying about packaging a separate container. If these smoothie shakers are used to hold protein powder, they would be more ideal, because it means you can add them to the liquid in the smoothie shaker when you are ready to drink. You don't have to worry about milkshakes or milkshakes becoming sticky or lumpy. Helps keep fresh for a long time.

bottled joy 32 oz water bottle

  The overall quality of these two cool shaker bottles left a deep impression on me. All parts are very sturdy and durable. Even the vibrating screen ball itself is very strong, no violent vibration will damage it. The plastic material on the smoothie shaker itself is also very thick. If you put it down or move it closer, it will be well supported.

  This R anti-leakage function, even if I pour the liquid on the side, there is no problem of liquid overflow. There is also a plastic ring on the top cover to fix them on things.

  highly recommended. I can't imagine anyone will be disappointed by this.