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Perfect VOLTRX shake mixer bottle, really good for fitness use

by GuoxinWei on July 02, 2021

  I like these electric shakers very much. I bought different colors and sizes. They can enter the dishwasher. I put them on top of the dishwasher over and over again without any problems. They never leak and are tough plastic. The color is nice. My only problem with them is that if I drink cold drinks, they will condense on the outside. So I always put it on the electric shaker mixer coaster or folded paper towel. Their quality is so good, it's worth spending a little more money.

  My wife used to go to work without breakfast. By lunch time, she was obviously hungry. This is not ideal for nutrition and health. She bought a few of these electric shaker motors and did not drink protein shakes at work in the morning. She ate something for breakfast and did not starve to death during lunch. It can be washed in the dishwasher (only on the top shelf), and the stainless steel stirring ball can be placed in the silverware box. The electric shaker bottle pakistan is easy to clean and reuse. Winner!

  I like their easy-to-clean electric shaker machine. I heard that there is a small stirring ball. I thought it would be painful to clean it up, but it is not the case. They are also very durable. One of my cups has been dropped 20 times and it is still good.

  Well, I really wrote this comment five minutes ago, and then I got up and filled my electric shaker bottle. Of course it was the 21st time it was dropped, and this time it was cracked! Despite this, I still insist on my comment. I discarded this thing many times, and finally gave in and collapsed. The cracks are not even that bad. During the time I logged in to update the comment, a small drop of water leaked out, so it’s not bad.