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The ultimate chest workout you can do at home

by GuoxinWei on April 05, 2021


  Building a breast enhancement is the (secret) goal of almost everyone who walks into the stadium. Thanks to the efforts of many female fitness advocates, many women have begun to pay attention to this muscle group. However, since the gym is unlikely to be open for the time being, it's time to start focusing on sculpting stronger breasts comfortably at home.

  In this article, we will discuss how to best train your chest with weight exercises, and what equipment you might want to buy to create a home gym that is friendly to your chest.

  The benefits of breast enhancement

  The biggest benefit of    breast training is that it is stronger and more beautiful, which is why the gym brothers have called Monday "International Breast Day" for at least 20 years. Bigger breasts means you can lift more power during bench press, which is a sign of strength.

  Breast enhancement means better posture and can also help support and lift breasts. This is a myth that training breasts can make female breasts shrink and sleep.

  This means that both men and women have aesthetic benefits, as well as performance and posture related benefits. If you want to improve your body through exercise, you should at least spend some time focusing on your chest.

  Do chest exercises at home

  Sadly, there are very few weight loss exercises focused on the breasts. In addition to push-ups, you only have push-ups and some chest expansions. Thankfully, there are so many changes in push-ups, and your workouts will never be boring.

  Investing in a set of dumbbells and a fitness bench can help you greatly increase the number of chest exercises you can do. Use bench press, inclined bench press, and chest fly.

  Another option is to invest in some resistance bands, which are usually much cheaper and allow you to do various push-ups and chest compressions.

  What weight loss exercises are there for breasts?

  Push-ups (beginners)-Push-ups are an excellent chest exercise, but many people find it difficult to exercise properly at first. That's where novices do push-ups. To do this, enter the traditional push-up position, then place your knees on the ground and lift your feet off the ground.

  This will halve your weight, making it easier to recommend. You can use this change to increase your strength and eventually develop into a full push-up.

  Complete push-ups-these are regular push-ups. Place your hands flat on the floor at the width of your shoulders. Your toes should also touch the floor and lift your hips so that they align in a straight line from your shoulders to your heels. This is the starting point. Lower your chest until it almost touches the ground, pause, and then push up until you reach the starting position.

  Push-up centrifuge-This is a good way to build a complete push-up. Start at the position described above fully pushed up. Then, you lower your chest to the ground as slowly as possible. Once your chest touches the floor, the exercise is over. You are only doing the descending (eccentric) part of the push-up.

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  hug push-ups-this is a regular push-up, but the hands should be close together, not at a 45 degree angle to extend the elbows. This will emphasize your triceps even more. Wide-grip push-ups-just like regular push-ups, but with wider hands than usual and more emphasis on the chest.

  Multi-layer push-ups-do regular push-ups, lower your chest to the ground, and then don't just explode, but push up explosively so that your hands can really leave the ground. This requires more energy production and is much more difficult than traditional push-ups.

  Clap hands and push-ups-like height measurement push-ups, but you can push yourself higher in the air, which frees up more time for clapping hands. Just make sure that your hands return to their normal positions in time to land safely.

  Triceps sink-put down the chair, hold it with both hands, and sit on it. Wash your seat, but keep your hands in place. Straighten your feet. When your hands are on the chair, only your heels can touch the floor. Slowly lower your hips to the floor, then push yourself back with your arms.

  Chest home exercise

  This is a simple exercise. You can exercise once a week to strengthen your chest. This is a full-body exercise, so pay more attention to the chest. For intermediate or advanced exercisers. If you don’t know how to do push-ups, replace all push-ups with beginner push-ups or eccentric push-ups.


  Push-ups 2 x 10 reps

  clap hands, push-ups 1 x 5 times

  The prisoner squatted down (regular squat, put his hands behind his head for chest expansion) 310 times

  Separate squats 210 times (each leg)

  Bobbis 2 x 15 times

  climber 2 x 30 seconds

  Push the board up for 30 seconds


  take a rest


  wide grip push-ups 2 x 10 reps

  hold 210 push-ups

  eccentric push-ups 1 x 10 reps (as slow as possible)

  The prisoner squatted down (regular squat, put his hands behind his head to expand his chest) 310 times

  get up 2 x 15 times

  climber 2 x 30 seconds

  Push the board up for 30 seconds


  take a rest


  Push-ups 2 x 10 reps

  Enhanced push-ups 1 x 10 reps (or as many as possible)

  triceps dip 3 x 10 times

  Sumo Squat 3 x 10 times

  310 alternate stabbings

  climb on the board 3 x 10 times

  on Saturday

  take a rest

  on Sunday

  take a rest

  Rest 30-60 seconds between exercises and 90-120 seconds between exercises. Focus on your technique, even if it means you are not doing the number of times you should.