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High-content protein powder, Shaker Bottle is recommended

by GuoxinWei on March 25, 2021

  More and more people are consuming protein powder, but many people still can't make protein powder. Many people say that every time you make protein powder, you can't make it up. In fact, brewing protein powder is not as difficult as everyone thinks, so how to brew protein powder to fully dissolve it and not agglomerate? Aolong Youke will give you a popular science on how to properly brew protein powder.

  First of all, let’s take a look at protein powder. Protein powder is generally made of purified soy protein, or casein, or whey protein (lack of isoleucine), or a combination of the above-mentioned proteins, and its use It is to supplement protein for people who lack protein.

  "Solubility" refers to the degree to which a substance can be dissolved. The solubility of a substance depends on its molecular structure. Protein is a substance with a certain spatial structure formed by twisting and folding a polypeptide chain composed of amino acids in a "dehydration condensation" manner. The compositional characteristics of protein determine that it has considerable stability. Therefore, protein can only form colloids in water systems and cannot form solutions. However, due to the hydrophilic groups on the surface of protein, it can form a stable dispersion in water to make it appear Slightly soluble phenomenon.

  Therefore, it is generally recommended to use protein shaker bottle to make protein powder to dissolve better.

shaker proteina electrico

  If you want to stir the protein powder with a spoon or a stirring rod like brewing coffee, I am sorry, it will not dissolve, it will either form a lumpy dough, or stick to the wall and bottom of the cup, and it will even appear after 3 minutes of standing. Floor. Therefore, a professional protein shaker bottle must be used to thoroughly shake the protein powder.

  The protein shaker bottle, sealed, comes with a stirring ball, shake it easily, the gouache will dissolve seamlessly, the taste is delicate and smooth, there is no clumping, wall hanging and particle precipitation, easy to be absorbed by the body, and the protein powder is shaken like this , It can also stimulate protein activity, the effect is good, and it is convenient and labor-saving.

  The steps of preparing:

  Add 100ml of warm water to the protein shaker bottle, and the water temperature should be controlled at about 50°. Due to the particularity of the protein's biological structure, if it is brewed with high-temperature water, it will easily cause insoluble agglomeration and affect the taste. Take 3-4 scoops (approximately 15-20 grams) of protein powder and put it in a cup of 100ml warm water and shake it evenly to dissolve it completely (the protein shaker bottle is equipped with a stirring ball, shake it hard), use the protein shaker The key to bottle brewing protein powder is warm water and shaking.


  ①Don't pour flour first, pour water, pour water, pour water first!

  ②Be sure to use warm water (about 50°). If the temperature is too high, the protein will denature, gelatinize and agglomerate, and it will naturally agglomerate!