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If you use a voltrx Shaker Bottle to drink protein, you can't have less milkshake!

by GuoxinWei on March 15, 2021

  In order to improve the efficiency of training and dieting, it is important to pay attention to diet, especially the intake of "protein". For adults, the daily requirement of protein is about 0.8-1.2 g/kg body weight.

  You can get protein from your daily diet, but it is very difficult to get the amount of training you need. Therefore, "protein" is a supplement that supports a necessary amount of protein that cannot be ingested in the diet, and the protein is taken in order to ingest it efficiently.

  Most proteins are sold in powder form, and they are usually dissolved in water or milk to make them liquid and drink. However, depending on the manufacturer and the raw material, the ease of dissolution varies greatly. Some of them are only dissolved by putting them in a cup and stirring with a spoon, while others will clump even after stirring.

  "voltrx protein shaker bottle" makes it easy to make such proteins without messing up.

small Shaker Bottle

  In addition to voltrx electric shaker bottle, training is not limited to home. Some people go to the gym to train. It is said that drinking protein immediately after training is the most effective. I want to bring protein to the gym to improve the training effect. The vibrating screen is also useful for carrying around. Therefore, we asked two Gachi-type muscle training boys who have been using protein for a long time to try 10 popular shaker products and verify their ease of use. It is not only useful for novices of vibrating screens, but also very useful for those who choose and use vibrating screens at will, so please refer to it!