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Shoulder training super group to do how to train a full tiger head shoulder

by GuoxinWei on May 13, 2021


  Although we don't pay much attention to the shoulders in our daily lives, the shape of the shoulders actually affects the physique of many people. That's why we need shoulder training. Only full and shapely shoulders will make you look better in clothes.

  Shoulder training super group

  The first movement: shoulder push-ups

  For the anterior deltoid muscle, "push" action is undoubtedly the most suitable, and shoulder press is to exercise the anterior deltoid muscle ace action. In the shoulder push-ups with large weights, the number of times can be properly reduced. Because in the beginning of the training, our energy is the most adequate, at this time with large weights on our deltoid muscle front bundle to stimulate is the best.

  The second movement: dumbbell lateral planks + barbell sheet front planks

  Dumbbell side planks

  The dumbbell side planks can effectively stimulate the middle bundle of the deltoid muscle. When we perform the dumbbell side planks, we have to pay attention to the position of our elbows instead of our arm drive. As our elbows reach their highest position, our pinkies should also be rotated upwards. You want to keep your arms on your sides of your body at all times, not your front side.

  Barbell Piece Front Planks

  This movement is similar to holding the steering wheel in your hand when you drive a car, I do decreasing sets, from heavy to light, and from less to more reps. We also need to be careful when performing the side planks, not to use the force of the falling barbell piece, but to use our own force to slowly control its fall.

  The third movement: dumbbell back flyer + reverse butterfly machine

  Dumbbell back flyer

  When doing the dumbbell back flyer, we have to focus on the posterior deltoid muscle bundle, is to use the shoulder to drive the elbow, and then the hand to lift, our elbow and wrist to slightly bend, your shoulder back bundle feeling will be more obvious.

  Reverse Butterfly Machine

  Reverse butterfly machine is to use our chest against the cushion, lift our chest and head, while doing the movement, our elbows should be slightly bent and our shoulders should be slightly internally rotated.

  Shoulder Super Training Set

  Shoulder press 12~15 reps/set 5 sets

  Dumbbell side planks 15 reps/set + barbell piece front planks 20 reps/set 5 sets

  Dumbbell back flyes 15 reps/set + reverse butterfly machine 15 reps/set 5 sets