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Smith machine use myths

by GuoxinWei on May 12, 2021


  Smith machine left and right are fixed, of course, do not return to the front and back tilt, the only action to operate it is up and down. You may feel safe to use the Smith machine, but in fact the opposite use it a lot of bad effects.

  Myth No. 1: Some people think that the Smith machine and traditional weightlifting is the same, but it is not. Compared to the traditional weightlifting Smith machine more "lazy". Why do you say so? Because traditional weightlifting is to use your whole body force to lift the barbell above the body, and in the process also need to overcome the back and forth tilt, so this is the role of the core muscle groups. The Smith machine, because it is fixed, does not need to overcome the back and forth tilt and stabilizes the weight, according to the study surface use of the Smith machine will replace thirty-three percent of your force.

  Myth 2: Because it is fixed, you can't detect and correct the wrong movement in time, which will become a habit in the long run. This can lead to unhealthy effects on your shoulder joints.

  Myth 3: Inability to master the essence of the deep squat. The deep squat is an art, how to squat, how to force, how to control the center of gravity, how to master the movement, etc.. You can't learn these on a Smith machine.

  The Smith Machine is also a very good piece of fitness equipment when used properly. I wish you all fitness success.