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Surprisingly, the portable shake mixer works so well

by GuoxinWei on August 19, 2021

  This protein shaker bottle left a deep impression on me. Work as described and mix the powder to perfection. If you watch the video, it will show that they add water first, and then add powder without cap. I found that when I did this, the vortex actually produced a slight mist and a small spray of water on my work surface. You can solve this problem by putting your hands on it while rotating, or put the lid on immediately after adding the powder. I won't let it continue to stir without the lid, your countertop will be messy. This is a great product. The electric shaker bottle can do its job. I am very satisfied with it!

  Surprise. I stirred the keto coffee with all the fixatives—but it never tasted so good. I like that protein shakers bottles are very easy to use and clean. Don't let it be "soaked" by water; it will damage it. I hope I can update it in the future and provide more exciting news, just like protein bottles shakers are still working! For my son who has everything; I think I will give one to him and one to my daughter-in-law.