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That a fitness book for fitness beginners to start?

by GuoxinWei on September 17, 2021


  There are more books on the market to explain fitness, but the complexity of the book, that one is more suitable for beginners to learn fitness systematically?

  If you have the same confusion, want to get a fitness book system to learn fitness, then through everyone's evaluation of fitness books can be seen some clues, just like we watch movies, we all say good movies, that usually we will also feel good movies after reading. Of course, in addition to the very few factors that follow the trend, we all say good, must not be too bad. In fact, it is very simple, equivalent to we omit the screening process, directly using the results of everyone has feedback.

  So how a fitness book is friendly to beginners? First of all, to identify a book is suitable for beginners, I personally think that the more detailed, the more "approachable" books must be a good book. We all say that most foreign textbooks are better than domestic for this reason, foreign excellent textbooks are usually detailed and thorough, while on the contrary, some domestic textbooks appear to be too big a jump in concept, not suitable for understanding.

  For fitness, practice and eating are inseparable, and as an introductory fitness book, it must cover these two concepts at the same time. Practice is from the point of view of exercise to see fitness, eating is from the physiological metabolic aspects of fitness. Then "muscle bodybuilding training illustration", "fitness anatomy guide" such books are not very suitable for fitness beginners, so that beginners think that fitness is only training. Of course I am not saying that this book is not good, just not suitable for beginners fitness.

  It requires a high threshold of knowledge, at least the necessary knowledge of high school biology, which will turn away many beginners. Many fitness instructors are intimidated by it, which is often specialized only in college classes and more inclined to academics.

  So suitable for the beginning of the book seems difficult to find, but "Schwarzenegger's Complete Book of Fitness" is considered a book, this book from the practice and nutrition of two aspects of fitness, not a list of individual actions to explain, but also covers the development of fitness plans, as well as knowledge of fitness nutrition. Personally, I think this book is more suitable for beginners to learn fitness system.

  All men seeking strength and muscle must own this book - a book that only Arnold Schwarzenegger could have written. As the world's most successful bodybuilder, Arnold has written his cumulative thirty years of fitness experience into this uncompromising "encyclopedia". There are all the answers you need about strength, muscle and health.