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The perfect voltrx Shaker Bottle

by GuoxinWei on June 21, 2021

  I bought this  shaker bottle because I needed something for a protein shake after a workout. I love the little steel balls it comes with. The powder mix really helps. Cheap but effective. Make sure you hear the click on the lid before shaking. I learned my lesson the hard way.

  Protein shakers bottles excellent product! In the shake I used Vega protein powder, kiwi seeds, flax seed powder, and almond milk to mix all the ingredients together without the chunks of powder that other protein bottles shakers have (shake, I'm looking at you!) The lid seals tightly, so it doesn't pour forward when you drink it. The best part is that the bottle is less than $10!

  Glad it works! I use the mixer shaker bottle for TV shakes. It mixes well and has no lumps. No ideas. Win win!

  I drink a shaker shake every morning. That little metal ball of protein bottles shakers really, really works. I don't have another protein shaker bottle. i don't use the little plastic ones, but they are easy to put away.