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The voltrx electric shaker bottle is a great product.

by GuoxinWei on June 17, 2021

  We love the electric shaker bottles for making protein shakes on the go. they work great. We have about six of them. This is a pretty big size. I like the smaller blender bottle electric, but my husband uses this size. The dishwasher is both safe and easy to clean. Just separate the metal balls, the spiral design keeps them tangled together. You can only separate them by slowly rotating them.

  The protein shaker electric was used for a year and the top was broken. We kept the

  bottle electric and metal ball, because we have other. Sometimes my husband will grab the lid from my small lid (same size lid) and use it with his big lid.

  Great electric shaker product! No leaks or cracks! Eats and drinks shakes. If I spill it, I don't have a problem with leaks. I've used other protein shakers that always left big chunks of protein swimming or stuck in the bottom of the bottle. This is the perfect combination of everything. Comes from my protein or green powder for my daily veggies. Must pass