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The voltrx electric shaker bottle shakes a lot, and the result is very smooth, without clumsy protein shaking. highly recommended.

by GuoxinWei on May 31, 2021

  I received my protein powder the day before I received the electric shaker bottle. So, on the first night, I tried to pour my protein shake into a plastic cup, add milk, and stir with a spoon. This was not my biggest decision, and it resulted in a clumsy and mediocre protein shake.

  One day, I used an electric blender bottle to mix powdered milk and milk. Change the rules of the game. Using the same technology and ingredients, and a milk bottle, I made a smooth and delicious protein shake without all the powder at the bottom. The bottle can be opened and closed easily, cleaned or cleaned quickly, the ball at the bottom is very useful and interesting (of course it is on the outside of the bottle). If you buy one in the market, I highly recommend this vibrating screen.

  It is an electric shaker. It contains liquid and did not leak to me. Protein shakes taste more protein, and water tastes more watery. Go and see if it will increase the amount of alcohol. Will be updated.