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The voltrx protein shaker is durable and does not leak!

by GuoxinWei on June 10, 2021

  I also have another company’s electric mixer bottle, but it keeps leaking and I can’t shake the drink to the consistency I want. But this bottle is very durable. Unlike my other one, I can actually use it to drink water. Shaker bottle is worth a try!

  The price of protein shaker products does not tell you the quality of protein shaker electric. Although the price seems cheap, the bottle itself is amazing in terms of durability and cleanliness. It can definitely be used as a mixing bottle with a lot of water and anything you mix into the water. I've never seen something so cheap, but yes, it's good.

  bought a leaked brand of the same brand before. However, this one is better. It won't leak. However, even though it says that the dishwasher is safe, I still wash the electric shaker by hand. Washing them in the dishwasher actually stretches the lid, so water leaks when shaken.