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Understand the protein to eat for fitness at one time

by GuoxinWei on April 27, 2021

  Protein can make muscles grow, this should be common sense that every fitness person knows. In fact, protein is inextricably linked to muscle growth and physical health. How much do you know about it? Let’s introduce the past and present of protein to the friends today, let’s take a look!

  1) What is protein?

  To put it simply, proteins are some larger molecules, which are composed of amino acids. The reason why protein is so important is that it is an important raw material for the structure of every cell in the body. Without protein, all the functions of the body would not be able to operate.

  If a person cannot get enough protein from their daily diet, the body system will extract it from muscles, skeletal, and even internal organs, which will affect health. This is why people who do not gain muscle should also eat protein.

  2) The importance of protein to the body

  Protein not only allows the body to function and grow normally, but also helps bones, cartilage tissues and blood to keep in good condition. In addition, our hair, nails and skin are made of protein, so people who do not exercise or fitness need to consume protein every day, especially ladies must pay attention to protein intake.

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  In addition, protein is also an important material for our family heritage, because in addition to semen full of protein, protein can also coordinate the balance of female hormones.

  3) Take protein after training

  When you work hard on bench presses and squats in the fitness room, every muscle contraction will tear the muscles slightly. In order to let the muscles grow as quickly as possible after training, you need to take protein in about half an hour after training, because protein can repair torn muscles.

  In order to accelerate the absorption of protein, it is recommended to consume whey protein after training, because this is the protein most easily absorbed by the muscles, almost as soon as it enters the stomach, it enters the cells with the blood to help repair broken muscles.

  4) What foods are rich in protein

  Seafood, chicken, egg whites, fish, and lean beef are all good sources of protein, but this is not the only choice for protein intake. Many fruits and vegetables are also rich in protein, such as soybeans, while dairy foods such as cheese and cheese are also rich in protein.

  5) Everyone says how whey protein powder comes from

  Whey protein is a by-product in the cheese making process. In the past, it was discarded as useless waste. Later studies found that these discarded whey protein accounted for 20% of the milk protein when making cheese. And because whey protein is easily absorbed by muscles and can quickly repair and grow muscles, people make whey protein powder produced in the process of making cheese for fitness people.

  6) If excessive intake of protein is harmful to the body?

  will, everything is enough. First of all, protein contains calories. Excessive protein will increase your weight. Without proper exercise, protein, like fat and carbohydrates, can increase your body fat rate. In addition, excessive consumption of protein can cause stomach discomfort, because protein is more difficult to digest. When the body processes protein, it puts pressure on the kidneys. In order to avoid kidney dysfunction, avoid excessive intake of protein. Generally speaking, the intake of protein is 1.5g per kilogram of body weight.