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voltrx blender bottles get the real thing

by GuoxinWei on June 12, 2021

  Do you remember Nesquik when you were a kid? Sometimes, you are grateful for the explosion of pure powdered chocolate, but there is nothing worse than enjoying a protein shake and amazing protein powder drying out in your mouth.

  heard a lot of good news about blender bottles from friends, I have to say that they are not wrong. I really want to buy a fake brand to save a few dollars, but its price is completely reasonable. The ball is easy to use, the protein shaker bottle material is easy to clean in the sink (important for universities), and the small hook is very suitable for backpacks. There will be no more sad surprises.

  I think the key is the metal ball in the bottle. It mixes my protein shakes with the different mixers I have tried much better than other brands. If you need a fast sports drink, I suggest you buy this product.

  Blender bottle is very suitable for people who are just starting to use supplements. Since I re-used shaker cups a few weeks ago, I have used it with my tonic powder every day. awesome.